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Fresh Flowers Made-to-Order

Choose from four varieties of mixed seasonal flower bouquets or get in contact to select your own colours.
Each bouquet is created with the seasons finest flowers, picked farm fresh for long-lasting joy to gift to loved ones or brighten up your own home.


Fresh Arrangements

Our Head Florist personally hand-picks each day's flowers, foliage and stems from our growers and suppliers exclusively from the best of the season.

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Dried Bunches

Mixed Australian bush foliage with dried banksia, strawflowers and grasses for an everlasting design bringing a little nature indoors.

Flowers at Market Fair, Ferntree Gully

For over a year now we have had the pleasure of creating beautiful little bunches of seasonal blooms for our stall at Market Fair, Ferntree Gully
Open every day from 10-5 pm, pop in to see the huge range of handmade, local and vintage wares under the one roof and pick up a bunch of flowers in a jar to go with your gift. We replenish flower bunches on our stall every day or two and all bunches can be pre-ordered online with home delivery or in-store pickup available from 11am every weekday.

Why Buy Flowers?

Fresh-cut flowers provide a visceral and integral enrichment that's needed from time to time in our busy modern lives.

Nature anchors human beings to their reality and flowers hold us in the present moment through enjoying their beauty, colour and smell. 

They have a subtle natural presence that just makes us feel better and they make a sought-after and versatile gift - to oneself and for loved ones - both in celebration and to share hope when misfortune occurs.

Although flower bunches are frequently found at supermarkets and through many online retailers, I believe there's something important missing in those bunches - not to mention what is frequently added - unnecessarily gaudy coloured plastic and film wrapping.

The best flower bunches have a mixed variety of blooms from the current season, are farm-fresh to extend vase-life and are reasonably priced to allow for more frequent gifts.

Our bunches are all unique arrangements put together with love and sold with a respect for our shared natural environment.
"Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities in the world.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
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