Valentine's Day Bouquet

$60.00 incl GST

A gorgeous arrangement of roses, rosehip berries and foliage that oozes passion and natural beauty.

Our Valentine's Day Bouquet for 2021 is a unique combination of vintage toffee coloured roses and classic white and red roses, highly sought after and well-regarded by rose lovers the world over.

We've combined these beauties with a complementary flower and foliage collection including rose-hip berries for sprays of succulent attention that catch the eye, olive branches and smokebush for structure and maroon/green/grey contrast and magnolia leaves that offer a magnificent backdrop for our gorgeous roses.

We present this bouquet in a tall glass jar wrapped with post-consumer brown paper, tied with twine, taking nothing away from the beauty of our naturally beautiful arrangement. Valentine's Day is an expression of your affection for your loved one - it doesn't need to come with the extra baggage of gaudy coloured boxes, ribbons or plastic films.

We've made it suitable for both your special lady or your special gent - there's something for everyone in this unique arrangement.

We hope you like our 2021 arrangement, and we're sure that your Valentine will too.

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